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Very nice company to deal with. Called them at 8:30 on the coldest day in Chicago (-11 w/o windchill). They said they would definitely take care of us today. Scheduled service time was between 12-5. Even though they didn’t make it to our place until 8:50pm, they called 2xs to let us know our status, apologize for the delay and guarantee the service man would be out  tonight no matter what.

Our service man came (didn’t catch his name) but he got the furnace running and diagnosed the problem all within the hour. $89 and were set to go. Even though they were beyond the quoted service time, I was shocked they were able to help us same day, with the extreme temps. They also seem to really care about their customers.

Noelle W.
Chicago, IL

I have counted on All Temp for over five years and three units in various houses. Robbie and the team ensure satisfaction and the highest degree of expertise at a price that is unrivaled. 

The servicemen and installers are uber courteous, timely and knowledgable. 

They have my loyalty, they have earned it.

Stacy S.
Highland Park, IL

I recently bought a coach house in need of significant renovation, and my top priority project was switching from baseboard heat and window A/C to a modern central heating/cooling system. I talked with most of the top reviewed companies on Angie’s List, and only one company was genuinely excited about tackling the unique challenge of modernizing a coach house with brand new HVAC, and that was All Temp.

I’d read good things about Matthew on here, so I asked for him by name when I called All Temp. While most companies, after hearing about my project, didn’t even want to come out to take a look, Matthew was gung ho from the start. When he did a site visit, his creative, problem-solving mind was evident as he thought things through to develop the most efficient and cost-effective solution (where to run duct work, where to place the return, the condenser, etc.). He was incredibly responsive every step of the way, which I greatly appreciated as a first-time home buyer. All Temp’s quote was literally half of some of the estimates I was getting from other companies, and that was the same price I paid on the final day. He even went the extra mile when my condo board wanted to meet with him one evening to review the plan before installation began.

Matthew assigned the best two-person installation team you could ask for in Tony and Charlie. As with Matthew, they were great at what they do, while having the useful qualities of friendliness and a sense of humor. Tony and Charlie never minded my random questions during the installation, and they promptly cleaned up after their work as they went along.

I’m thankful that the great folks at All Temp didn’t shy away from what was clearly a complicated HVAC project to tackle. They’ve probably spoiled me a little bit as I embark on the rest of my renovation work, but I’ll keep singing their praises when it comes to heating and cooling.

Christopher F.
Chicago, IL

Mike Clark, their sales rep, is extremely bright, easy, and knowledgable. Wasting no time, he knew exactly what to look for. In 20 minutes, he knew exactly what we needed and offered several high quality products for about half the price of the other companies. All Temps have polite, friendly and professional service reps. They removed our huge new boiler, quickly replaced it, and left the utility room spotless. The boiler is guaranteed for 10 years and has a lifetime warranty for the heat exchanger. We’ve never before experienced the quality of customer service, professionalism, honesty, and incredibly low prices for such high quality products.

Jeffery F.
Lincolnwood, IL

I don’t know where to start. Basically my furnace died last Friday.  Couldn’t be repaired over the weekend by my existing furnace maintenance company. Furnace was 30 years old, so it was no surprise. Over the past 3 days I received 3 estimates from 3 different HVAC companies.  All Temp was the last company that gave me the quote. What can I say. From the moment they stepped into my house yesterday afternoon and gave me an estimate the experience has been STELLAR.

All Temp not only gave me the best price on the #1 rated furnace, but it was 2-3 models above what the other two vendors quoted. No games. No bait and switch. Straight forward great price. Then this morning @ 9:30 am two very professional installers rang my door bell. Over the next 3 hours they removed my old furnace, installed the new one, installed a humidifier, installed a new thermostat and fixed a air return. Ohh and cleaned up everything.  Everything they did was to specification.  Polite, professional and good at their jobs. If they are an example of the employees working for All Temp, then they have to have one h*** of a team.  Sadly these days our expectation of vendors is less than stellar. Angies list helps us find the good people to hire. Angie’s list came through for me again.

I could not be happier.  I woke up this morning and my home was 44 degrees inside. Tonight it is a toasty 72.

All Temp has a new raving fan. I can see why they are #1 on Angie’s list for Chicago.

Gregory M.
Chicago, IL

I discovered late in the evening that my humidifier sprang a leak.  My furnace was flooded.  All Temp came to the rescue!  Dried my furnace and got it back working. Shut off the humidifier and then came back the next day to replace the broken hose. I thought I would be replacing the whole furnace, but they assured me after it was dried, it would work just fine, and it did! Many thanks to All Temp for their integrity and straight shooting with their customers.

Pam N.
Chicago, IL

Hi Robbie,

I just wanted to say Thank You again for helping us with the water heater.  Your guys, Matthew and Enrique, just left.  They were wonderful, very nice, professional and efficient.  They did a great job and made sure that Brian and I knew how to relight the water heater (if needed) and use the pump.  The basement is cleaned up and we have hot water!!

Again, thank you for your help.

Lisa and Brian

Another Happy All Temp Customer. Another Job Well Done.

” I am recommending All Temp “

My experience with All Temp started when Mike came to provide me an estimate for two new HVAC units. They would be replacing two 3-YO units that never worked effectively cooling our house. I think the builder just went with the lowest bid on the new house we bought so they never worked well. Mike gave us a quote for the two units which ended up being about equal to the other quotes I received. We would have done this work with all-temp but then we discussed another option; contacting the MFG to discuss any warrranty on the units. That is the route we chose and the MFG arranged with all-temp to provide and install new coils, which they did. We then decided to move the two units just to provide more ventilation. The move is done and I am recommending All Temp primarily because they stood by their commitments and their salesperson, Mike, was top notch. He was responsive, honest and fair throughout the process. This was not your ordinary project.

Angies List Report Grade A

My whole overall experience with Matthew and All Temp was excellent. From the initial meeting regarding replacing my HVAC system; the potential options were explained clearly, my questions were addressed as they arose, and each potential replacement option was presented clearly with accurate information including the potential advantages and disadvantages of each system based upon the layout of my place. After I selected the system, the installation crew did a great job of setting up the system in a timely manner, and explaining to me how to operate the system. Needless to say it’s been a reassuring winter having a great heating system in place, and All Temp has been in touch to ensure my satisfaction with my purchase. I can only say good things about my experience with All Temp, and would recommend them to others in the future.

Nitin Rao
Chicago, IL

Hi Matthew;

The furnace performed as well as the your installers, in short excellent! We really notice an improvement in our older home in that the temperature was more consistent throughout the house and much improved on the second floor. Your installers did a great job in routing the required piping and installing the new chimney liner.

We are very happy with our new furnace.

T. Moore
Chicago, IL

After comparing specs and other relevant information for a total of 6 different systems from reps from 3 different vendors All Temp was the clear choice. Matt was friendly, highly knowledgeable, and very clear in describing the benefits and limitations of the various models of heating systems available through All Temp. The installation crew was prompt, efficient, and courteous and they left us with a Bryant CAV60100 heating system with humidifier that has performed flawlessly through the winter. And even better, though we already have a highly energy-efficient house, inspection of gas bills over the previous and current years reveals an additional savings in gas-use of approximately 5% (and that with a colder average temp in January of this year). We are pleased.

M. Ardie
Chicago, IL

This company is fantastic! My furnace was never installed right and the exhaust pipe wasn’t draining. My heat kicked off so I called these guys to come fix it. They came out the same day. Not only that, but they told me sometime between 12-5pm, but then were able to send someone out almost immediately due to a cancellation. Frank was here for about 30 minutes and all was finished and working perfectly by 9:30am the day after Thanksgiving! Frank not only fixed the problem, but he explained to me what was going wrong and showed me what he was fixing as he fixed it. He even cleaned up the water that spilled out AND he vacuumed my furnace closet out of all kinds of debris and dust! It was fantastic service and I would call them back in a heartbeat for ANYTHING!

Shannon D. Chicago, IL (as appeared on

The heat went out in my father-in-law’s home where he lives with his wife and her three children. Temperature was 4 degrees on that Saturday night. The wife called All-Temp and did not tell them that the owner is one of my childhood buddies. All-Temp immediately dispatched a tech on a Saturday night who diagnosed the problem as a blown motor. The unit could not be fixed that night. In order to get the replacement motor, All-Temp had to pay their warehouse to open on a Sunday morning. They got the motor and fixed the heat all in under 12 hours during the coldest day and night of the winter. All-Temp’s owner took the call from my frazzled mother-in-law and calmed her down. Again, on a Saturday night. The owner spoke to the customer with empathy as if he were a doctor soothing an sick patient. Did not matter that I knew the owner–it never came up and it didn’t matter. This is kind of service that every business should offer but, regrettably, rarely does. News of this excellent service has and will spread like wildfire. This is the kind of professionalism which weds a client to a business for life.

Steven N. Malitz

Before I start this review, it’s worth your knowing that the only thing I hate more than the daily maintenance of a household in the ‘burbs is the un-daily stuff — insurance claims, floods, mail delivery problems. You know, that kind of stuff. So when my heat wouldn’t run in late March during a cold snap and it got down to the high forties in my house, I was not a happy camper.

I called All Temp and got an after-hours technician in my house (at 10 PM!) and working on my problem that night. The problem was my thermostat, so the technician replaced it, and soon everything was up and running.

But last week when the heat wave came in, I had no A/C, so there I was, back in angry suburban homeownerland. All Temp came out early, early on a Wednesday (7 AM, working around my work schedule, dropping my toddler off at day care, the whole morning shebang) and in less than 10 minutes figured out that a shorted wire connected to my thermostat was the problem. Although the t-stat was fine for the month before, the fact that it was new and that the last technician might have noticed the bad wiring left the company feeling responsible to me, to the tune of a $100 reimbursement of the thermostat’s cost.

I still hate dealing with the unexpected, but if I can deal with it with fast service and employees who are willing to take responsibility for a problem they probably didn’t even cause, that makes it all a little bit easier. I would definitely call All Temp again.

Tracy T. Bolingbrook (as appeared on

Did a very thorough, professional and inexpensive job of diagnosing my weird furnace noise (2 other previous furnace repair places were unable to identify the source). Very friendly and courteous repair crew who knew immediately to cover their shoes on the carpet and explain in detail the issue to me and the mrs. Hopefully, won’t need HVAC work for quite a long time, but if I do, they will definitely get the call.

Anthony S. Chicago (as appeared on

Our furnace gave out last night. We were freaking out wondering what we were going to do seeing that we had two little kids. We weren’t sure who to call and I hesitated just picking up the phone book as I really like using recommendations for just about everything, so I looked up heating and cooling on Yelp and there I found All Temp. We called around 830AM and the guy was there by 1PM. He was super nice and actually didn’t mind at all explaining to me and my husband the basics of the furnace and things to check for. He cleaned off the sensor which he believed was causing problems and we didn’t have to replace it. There’s a 30 day warranty anyways which they come back for no charge if something goes wrong. As well, all Yelp members get 15% off. Not a bad deal at all. Will definitely recommend them and use them again in the future if I have to!

J.C. Chicago (as appeared on

Two thumbs way up for All Temp. I called them when I needed a tune up, thinking that’s all I needed to get my apartment to the right temperature. Well he did the tune up (it had been over 15 years since the last one) and he noticed that my thermostat wasn’t only ancient (circa 1987) but that it wasn’t sending the right signal to the furnace so my heat was not getting turned on. Well right then and there he put in a new thermostat (one I could easily read and not a touch screen one that’s all super fancy that would complicate my life) and he even showed me how to use it (i have issues and need direction with new things).

All Temp you get five stars! Thanks to Aaron and the discount for being on yelp. You can’t beat that!

Diana R Chicago (as seen on

The joys of being a homeowner….
Sometimes you get to spend $350 on a new humidifier instead of that adorable Nanette Lepore dress you’ve had your eyes on all month. Sigh…

At least if you’re going to spend your hard earned cash on boring things like a humidifier you’ll have a positive experience with All Temp. Our relationship started off a little rocky when I called and tried to explain that I think we needed to replace the air thingee in our laundry room. And then he asked me for measurements of what we currently have! Like i know??? Then I had my husband call back who actually knows humidifier language and we were back in action.

A few days later All Temp sent the sweetest man named Julio to install the new humidifier and clean our pipes. Even my anxious pup loved him! And now we’re ready for winter with this fancy new humidifier, which I’m hoping we won’t need to turn on for a few more months…

Andrea R. Chicago (as seen on

I called three hvac companies to come and give me an estimate on replacing my furnace and air conditioner. The first two were nothing but “car salesman”. All Temp came out, gave me a fair price and did a great job installing the equipment. Their installers were very polite and left the basement spotless when they were done.These guys are great!!

Robert B. Chicago (as seen on

Dear Mr. Mehrholz,

I just wanted to send a brief note thanking your staff for a job well done. Mike Clark was very helpful and knowledgeable in explaining our heating options and your prices were competitive. Jack Dean and his assistant Eddie did a clean and efficient job in installing our furnace, thermostat and humidifier. Jack did a very professional job in both installing and educating us on how it all works. We’ve done quite a bit of remodeling in the last 18 months and your people have been the only ones who have shown up when they promised and did the job correctly.

Anyways, thanks again and we look forward to doing business with you in the future!


S. Bartolai
Highland Park, IL

Dear Rick,

As you know we were in the marketplace for a new furnace. This is a kind of a purchase consumers do not make very often as a single item so there can be a lot of questions given all the new technology. I had a lot of questions: what is the best the most cost efficient when it comes to energy consumption in both gas and electricity: what is the best complimentary cooling system and what are seers; is it wise to stay with freon or should we go with puron and on and on. You and your people were patient and gracious in answering all the questions that may seem routine to you and yet can be confusing to the consumer.

You and your staff took your time to explain the differences in all the different furnaces in the marketplace and the importance of having the right capacity for the size house you need to heat and cool. When it came time to install our unit, you said it would go smoothly, which it did. The people who work with All Temp were very professional and did a great job in cleaning up after the installation. Would I recommend you? Without hesitation. We had the chance to talk with a lot of other firms representing many different manufactures. They were all good people but we chose your company because of the service we received and the price you gave. I was very aware of all the personal effort you put into this project and I greatly appreciate it.

We wish you and the people who work with All Temp the best and I am sure who ever chooses your company in the future will realize the company installing the system is a critical part of the decision.


J. Donnelly

To whom it may concern,

On June 23rd, we had an All Temp air conditioning job completed. I just had to sit down and send you a complimentary letter concerning two of your young employees namely Joe and Peter. Those two young men were a pleasure to have working in our home. They were very courteous and anything my husband or I asked them to do, or answer any of our questions they were very obliging. They also did a good job of cleaning up after themselves. Usually young people have tendency to get quite huffy with older people. Not so with these two. We know both of them will go far in their field. Once more it was a pleasure having Joe and Peter install our air conditioning. They worked very hard because of the hot weather and this job consisted of installing the unit in our attic crawl space and believe me the temperatures were in the high 80′s. We took your advertisement out of the Chicago Sun Times and we are very glad we did.

Two Satisfied Customers,

E&D Rybicki
Chicago, IL


I had a chance to go to my Cress Creek house during this last weekend and observed your recent air conditioning installation. I want to congratulate your installation crew on doing a fine job. If the equipment holds up as well as the installation, it should be around for a long time.

Even though the air filter installation in my current home was somewhat difficult, your crew also did a great job.

We often ignore good work and complain on unsatisfactory work, in this case I felt it was worth letting you know.

I will be happy to recommend your company to family or friends.


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