My new Bryant 95% high efficient furnace was installed and I should not have waited so long.

Posted by ncharlton, November 6th, 2009

That’s right in April this year I replaced my older high efficient furnace with the world’s best furnace a Bryant Model 355CAV. Gary and Gary from All Temp installed the new furnace in only about 5 hours and they did a beautiful job. They cleaned up after themselves and were respectful of my home while taking the old furnace out and bringing in the new one. We had a high efficient furnace before the kind that vents  with plastic plumbing pipe thru the side wall of the house. So we are already familiar with how much gas a furnace like this can save. Our old gas bills were about $300 a month in winter and after the high efficient Bryant furnace was installed (in 1991) our bills never have been over $150 per month even in the coldest weather. We will save tens of thoudands of dollars over the life of this new furnace in fuel bills (gas and electric) with the world’s most totally efficient furnace. That makes my home a GREEN HOME now. I’m Going Green to Save Green!!!

The heat generated by a high efficient furnace is gentler than that of the old style furnaces. It brings the heat over a longer period of time so it evens out the hot and cold cycles we had with the old furnace. All Temp’s price was competitive but the best part is this new furnace qualifies for a $1500 tax credit (that’s not a deduction but a full $1500 back from Uncle Sam to help with my purchase) and Peoples Gas has a $450 rebate too as long as you buy by 1/15/10. That’s a total of $1950 off the world’s best furnace the All Temp Bryant 355CAV.

Now that we have a newer Bryant 355CAV high efficient furnace installed that overall comfort in the home is even better. The furnace has 3 stage heat capability. When All Temp properly sizes the furnace for your home as they did for mine the furnace will run more than 83% of the time on it’s lowest stage using very little fuel as it heats my home. When the outdoor temperatures fall my furnace automatically shifts into the 2nd stage delivering just the right amount of heat. Finally the 3rd stage is reserved for only the coldest weather and should represent only 7% or less of the furnace run time all season. It seems to me that the technology in my new furnace is really very simple. It knows when to do what based on the outside temperature without the use of expensive multi stage controls. Then there is the increased comfort through out the whole house in both heating and air conditioning that is provided by the DC direct drive variable speed blower motor. My new furnace is sooooo quite that sometimes I don’t realize it is running. That’s because it runs on the lowest setting up to 83% of the time. The blower speed is controlled by the furnace as it moves from one stage of heating to another. That new DC variable speed blower motor is so efficient (like a 30 watt light bulb) it allows me to run the blower all the time so the air in my home is cleaned continuously with the EZ Flex filter that came free with my All Temp Bryant 355CAV furnace.

I’m running out of time right now but will return to tell you about the new control called THE EVOLUTION CONTROL All Temp added to my new furnace. You won’t believe everything that will do. But that’s for next time. See you then.

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